Monday, September 29, 2008


Lately I have been reading so many articles on politics and the whys and the wheres of both parties. Although I have been an Obama supporter from the beginning I find that living inboth Ridgway Colorado and in Atlanta Georgia I have been called on to defend my candidate many times. I am always surprised that the Fox news watchers (if I were George Bush I would call them the "evil watchers") actually don't bother ever looking at the other side of anything. People must be talking a lot about the Democrats and how much we need really honest change because the polls reflect that Barack Obama is tracking up. Perhaps I know more people who are not concerned with the state of the world even though many others are. 
This is the most important election in my lifetime...and I have voted for about 45 years. This election, I hope, will restore our country to one that has the respect of our allies again. Believe me, that will not happen if Sarah Palin is vice president.