Sunday, November 30, 2008

and this in the Alaska Daily News .....

   It is so strange to me that all of the things that conservatives have publically bashed liberals for over the last 40 years, are things that many conservatives have hidden in their closets. We protested strenuously, openly, and honestly against the Viet Nam war,  while conservatives got deferments while proclaiming that terrible war to be right, just like now, and then,  when they could no longer do that,  they had their doctors fake their medical files. This is Saxby known as Saxby "Shameless" in Georgia. This is a man who was finally found, after 4 deferments,  to have bad knees. Of course, now he shoots in the 90's. What a horrible person.
This just in from Alaska ..... Sarah and Saxby
      On another note, and I admit it is petty and small but has anyone seen the Thanksgiving ad from his family? Interesting. and what does "Happy Thanksgivin' " mean when it is said so morosely?