Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Again.......problems with voting

This year is a little different.  There was massive voter fraud in both 2000 and 2004 by the Rovians of Bush world.  Now you can read about all of the things that happened and as history is written it will become more and more obvious although a little too late. Now that we've had the bloodbath of the Iraq war and the very disastrous economic situation that the Republicans have wrought with Ronald Reagan leading the way on deregulation and tricle down, enough of the American people will be voting to offset the diversion of votes such as what is occurring in West Virginia. Over and over again the machines in WV are flipping the vote to McCain after a person casts their vote for Obama. For the elderly , especially, it will be difficult for them to see it. The attempt of Ohio to purge voters names has been stopped for now and that is the first step. 
Unfortunately McCain has hired a man, Nathan Sproul, who has been investigated many times for suppressing the Democratic vote. The Republican party loves this man.  He also donated $30,000 to the McCain campaign. He is managing partner of Lincoln Strategy and the RNC  paid his company $175,000 for "registering voters" and has just paid an additional $37,000.  Why does that seem peculiar?   This article on Huffington Post explains it in detail and I think the fact that the internet is so readily available to EVERYONE who thinks, will make the electorate aware this time. Another Keith Olbermann VIDEO.....excellent!
What is wrong with these people?

Yesterday when I voted I looked around at faces. There were a lot of miserable grouchy looking people and then, a lot of smiling happy people talking to each other. I glanced at some registration sheets as they all stood in line and moved into sideways rows where we were fairly close. I have to say that the Republicans, for the most part,  looked unhappy(some were visibly angry) ,  were upset that they had to wait, and just overall had an aura of a dark cloud. Sort of like McCain.