Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Really Right Stuff.............

This is for all of the people I know who keep pressing me on all the bad things about Barack Obama that are not true.
We have here a man of truth and one who always stands for what is right.  I finally have someone to quote when I hear slurs about any other culture. I sat across from someone at dinner a week or so ago and she said, the "only thing that bothers me is that the "Muslims" paid for his college".  I told her it  wasn't true, and I would send her the snopes page,  and she actually said to me "What about getting all the "poor " people to vote, "they don't know what they are doing"!!  Then, after dealing with that,  which is so unbelievable to me,  I said that I was very glad that the youth of this country are going to have a voice, a very large voice, in this election;  then she said, " Young people; they don't know anything". Well, the young people that I know,  and that my children know,  are very involved in this process  whether it is an election year or not. They know everything and they know both sides of everything.  I would love to know what kind of young people she knows; perhaps not very interested in this country.  Here is the announcement, Thank you Colin Powell,  for your wisdom.    

and,  Another video after the interview.   I know that I live in Georgia but I am so sorry there is still so much prejudice here. Do these people believe that God only made "their own kind"? From where do they think everyone else came?
...and, how did all this happen?  Here you go, very cute.