Wednesday, October 1, 2008

gibberish .....

I truly believe that McCain has lost his senses in every way. Please read Daily Kos today. It is quite stunning in the study of what McCain is saying and thinking. 
Is it possible that he feels if he starts speaking gibberish, then Palin's gibberish will make more sense?
I'm just blown away by this.....and I, too, will tip my hat to the interviewer.
Another piece by Anonymous Liberal....linked over on the right..... said that when Palin uses her "joe sixpack" comment, which she will probably do,  since she tends to repeat everything over and over, Biden should say, "I'm Joe Biden, I know Joe Sixpack and you are NO Joe Sixpack" Kind of funny.
One of the most interesting comments over the last few days were Palin's statement that she has really been hearing Biden's speeches since she was in 2nd grade in 1972. She insisted to Katie Couric that it is true. Well, where would she have heard those?? She believes we are stupid and she is so used to saying and doing whatever she wants that she can't reign herself in even when confronted with her own idiocy. I like the comment she made when told she really couldn't spend 50,000 dollars to redecorate her mayoral office without an allocation....She said" I'm the mayor, I can do whatever I want." God help whoever gets stuck with this woman!
Then we have this....a topper for the day....
When asked about debate preparation, Sarah Palin said  "I have quite a few who are giving us information about the record of Obama and Biden, and, at the end of the day, though, it is-it's so clear, again, what those choices are. Either new ideas, new energy and reform of Washington DC, or more of the same."         Huh!? What?? Please.