Saturday, October 11, 2008

i'm feeling that i need to try really harder to understand .......

My decisive actions when faced with the racist tones during this election are beginning to be stymied by my inability to really see what may be going on in other's lives. It is so hard for me to sit and listen to people I know talk about things that I know are not true and keep myself from going overboard and telling all the very bad things I have learned about John McCain that should not be repeated in mixed company. How many times can you tell someone that Barack Obama is not a Muslim. Even if he was a Muslim, he could be a good and decent man.  I just feel no one is looking at him, looking at McCain, and able to see what a huge difference there is in the persona of the two men.  It is especially disturbing to me that some of the people I know here in Georgia will not vote for Obama. It stuns me because everyone of my friends in northern states is very happy with him, looks up to him,  and is voting for him.
 I think all I can do is keep talking. It is disheartening because none of the southerners check any of their facts or read all sides of an issue. I think they hear 'Country First" and I haven't a clue what they think?? Do they think that McCain will take all our money and wage war after war while our bridges and infrastructure fail? Are they fine with that?  Do they believe that anyone who needs healthcare does not deserve it? I just do not get it.  ....and again, I find it very sad. None of us will live forever.  I hope my legacy is one of inclusion of ALL of America.
I do believe that things will change, that this is the last generation that will hate people who are not like them in skin color or in religion. I would despise being one who did not help forge the way.