Tuesday, October 14, 2008

an amazing organization..........

The photo is the reason we all care, whatever our choice may be.

Now there are published reports from the reporters that the campaign workers led by Jeffrey Frederick,  for McCain, are supposed to tell the people in the neighborhoods they are working that they need to be afraid of Obama. The workers are being told to try to connect the names of Obama and Osama in their talks with the people they are canvassing. In Gainesville Virginia this is happening. They are also being told to emphasize bombing and terrorism. They are told to say to people that Obama will not salute the flag and that no one knows where he was born.  Such lies but even worse..... is this the way to teach a group of people, many young men and women,  who are trying to get involved in politics and possibly love politics? Is this how they should feel our government in this wonderful country is supposed to work? What a bad bad example.
And: then there is the Obama campaign. Organized with care
.....and very amazing.