Sunday, October 5, 2008

low low Sarah Palin

I am past the point where I can just brush off the anger I feel when the McCain campaign lies. It isn't even a matter of lying any longer, what they are doing is criminal. I believe that the viciousness of this attack will not sit well with the American people and may backfire. Sarah Palin may well be their" pitbull" and come off exceptionally well to that oh so deeply religious base she has,  but she does not ring true with the much larger base of independants.  Also, there are too many things that McCain and Palin have in their past that can easily be exploited by a Democratic party that may decide it is finally time to be truthful about those things despite the fact they are stooping as low in mentioning them as the Republicans always do. A candidate who constantly parades her "very diverse" family deserves whatever is said about any of them, especially if she associates with them. I assume that although she is busy she does still associate with them. There also is the matter of the very anti-semitic statements that were said by the witchdoctor who was laying hands on Ms Palin at the time. Surely she was there in body if not in soul. surely she heard him and must have agreed or she would have left.  I needn't go into McCain's problems. We have the Keating 5 , his gambling, his calling his wife a decidedly foul name several years ago and then saying it was because he "had a tough day".  There are many more. He must be proud he is finally able to morally step into the shoes of George W Bush.

from my deck, sunset,  soothes my senses.........much needed.