Thursday, October 30, 2008

the VP theory

The idiocy of the predicament that John McCain now finds himself in because of his choice of Sarah Palin, is tantamount only to his appeasement of the Christian right in this election. His reasoning behind his pick was flawed from the beginning. 
Although McCain wanted "Joe the Judas" as the  VP candidate on the "hate talk express",   McCain took the old role of a little boy, holding his breath until he gets his way.  John McCain turned to what he has always turned to......a pretty face to ease his woes.  A "pretty face" who he called his "soul mate",  ahem!  If he did any vetting of her he saw the stories about her alleged affair and thought " ahhh, maybe". Well, this pretty face has turned out to be his waterloo and even if they win the election John McCain will always remember that this woman is not like the pliable beauty queens he chose before. I imagine that his first wife is watching this election with awe. She perhaps can see that the pain she felt when he deserted her is similar to the pain he is feeling now over the pretty face that has destroyed forever his name in the history books as an honorable man. Sometimes the world works right and a person really does get back exactly what they gave.