Saturday, October 18, 2008

Voter Fraud? I don't think so, not this year..........

This country has so many wonderful smart people. People who know how to make this world better for everyone. Where did all the hate come from? Are people born with it;  no, they learn it,  and a lot comes from fear and distrust. Much of that is because if you feel hate in your heart for, say, Asians, or Blacks, a transference takes place and you believe they hate you. That person that they hate is coming from their own reality, not yours. They are probably too busy to even think about you and they may like you. I prefer to trust and deal with everyone on a one to one basis. I fear if we don't trust we will all end up like the awful people showing their hatred today on youtube. Not a part of America to be proud of.
Anonymous Liberal, a very excellent and astute blog has made  a statement on voter fraud that explains just why, for people who can't seem to use common sense on this question, voter fraud does not and will never exist. Now hacking into Diebold machines like the Republican operatives did in elections is another story.
   This was an incredibly depressing evening. We met people we know for dinner...McCain sign in the yard , fine, I knew their politics. What I didn't expect was two people who do not use the internet, have never checked any facts, screaming at me about Acorn and just overall astounded that I was still supporting Obama.  All they listen to is Fox fake news. This man in a lawyer, his wife is beautiful and capable and has had a very successful career, now retired. They actually insisted that the Democrats have made Obama's books unavailable and they were relentless. It was easily one of the most unpleasant dinners of my life, I ate very little, I am sick to my stomach and I could feel the hate radiating from these two people. I held my ground. Tomorrow will be better. I will make it better.