Sunday, October 12, 2008

What did they expect?

A rainbow over the RRL Ranch from my deck.
I am so sick of this. Now the Republican party just can't figure out why McCain is doing so badly this late in the game. Gee, could it be because they permitted a man who is extremely obnoxious in every possible way to end up with the nomination? Someone had to help him along, he certainly did not get the nod all by himself. Everyone in the Senate knows what McCain's personality is like. This is nothing new. All who know him know that he has a violent temper and an unpleasantness about him that he, himself, believes is charming. Did you think that the people in this country were for some reason unable to see it? Everyone in government knows what he called his wife and, it is so bad it will never be repeated on the news, but, it should have been enough to warn the Republican party that he was unable to control anything, much less himself.
McCain may very well find some miracle and come back in this campaign but right now many have had enough of him and his sidekick. They are both sarcastic and nasty..... why would a majority of the people like them?