Wednesday, October 29, 2008

and so......

Here is why we are so sad about our America, here is why we aren't proud of our America all the time and here is what we fear because there is nothing that we can do to have the America that will be equal for us all. How can it be that here, in the United States of America, one partys only hope to win is a massive turnout that will prevent this election from being stolen?   Here in America.  I know that many do not know about these situations. There have been quite a few books written about it in the last 7 years and it is hard to believe but it is true.  Imagine how you would feel if you cared deeply about a candidate but were not allowed to vote because you were too poor to have a drivers license, and someone decided your ID wasn't good enough,  or you had to move and your address didn't match and you got the wrong person at the polls to help you....and they said no, or one initial was left out of one of your forms and because you were a minority they stopped you?  My heart would be broken.
 I have had two women say to me that the poor and the young should not be allowed to vote. I was so shocked both times and I knew that it was an excuse for their racism on one hand and their fear that the young are too liberal on the other. One of these women has signed up to be a poll watcher. Her attitude is she will keep people from voting...can you even imagine feeling that way? I wonder if she has been told to do that or if she just feels that is best?  I am poll watching also and I was taught I am there to see that ANYONE, for McCain or Obama,  who is having a problem will get some answers.  I know that the young people in my family,and that I know,  are totally versed and invested in this election and every election, more so than either of those women;  but that does not surprise me. The reasons these women gave for their anti American attitudes have nothing to do with the constitutional right to vote. They are like many of our supposed leaders in this country who just make up laws to help themselves. Selfish and greedy and you see the same thing in daily life.  This is happening here and yet I've never heard anyone say that a racist should not vote. That would be an individual who is probably voting just to vote against Obama in this election because he is black. Very likely someone who knows nothing about the candidates either.  It seems to me there is some sort of disconnect here....  everyone should be able to exercise their right to vote no matter their choice or for what reasons. Even the racist....and even the two women I know who know nothing about either candidate, but will vote just the same.