Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sorry, I just can't sleep........

I have to say that McCain is so out of touch with todays world that I wonder how he gets through his day. I suppose it is ok in the senate, when he works.  He has enough senators around him who are also totally in a world that has been gone for at least 7 years. I watched him talk in the debate and those of us who are nearer his age, I am 64, sometimes do not catch it, but he is speaking in terms that are from Ronald Reagan's time. No wonder this is happening to him. I can say he is out of touch but the younger generation who really will own this world with it's glories and it's problems, they have written him off,  because they have no idea what he means or why he sounds so stupid.   and Joan Walsh, an interesting and forward and very fair women....her view.
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