Sunday, October 26, 2008


I've never taken my right to vote for granted and I've always had the feeling that I wish I had been there to help change things. My father's grandmother was a suffragette and I find that fascinating and inspiring. This election is another step in the very rich tapestry of change that has made this country great. Whatever the final results of the election, I cannot imagine not being a part of this historic time. I need to be able to tell my grandchildren someday that I voted for a young man who rose from nothing to try to help this country. I believe the history books will be glowing in their praise for Barack Obama if he wins this election.
.....and no, Barack Obama does NOT have an acceptance speech written....and yes, he WILL write it himself. This is a little different than John McCain, who does not write anything himself. Mark Salter writes all his speeches and has written ALL his books. his party calls it "composing". Mark Salter "composes" his books.
A little addition to this post. Although this is a few days old, Alan Lipman, a clinical psychologist and professor has a blog that I just happened to find. This ARTICLE in particular I found so interesting and while you are at his site read everything. It is all very enlightening.