Monday, October 13, 2008

and yet another shift in his campaign.......

                                                               sweet rocket..

 The rhetoric has changed. All of the race baiting and nasty, sarcastic comments have been WAY toned down. It didn't work and I think that John McCain is probably furious at Bush and Karl Rove. He may be as angry as he was when Karl Rove destroyed him when Rove was running Bush's campaign. Remember how Rove and Bush infiltrated the community with information, false information, that the baby Cindy McCain adopted was John McCain's illegitimate, and they actually used the term "bastard" black child. That is how Bush won South Carolina in the Presidential primary against McCain.   How can he work with these people now? Well, maybe he fired them;  or, perhaps,  John Lewis saying the campaign rallies were evoking the same kind of reactions that George Wallace evoked made him stop and think about the absolute hate they were stoking in people's hearts.  Then again, maybe the very conservative journalists like Kristol telling him that his campaign is dysfunctional made him change a little. Now the strange and vile comments are coming from others in the campaign. It will probably help McCain. 

It seems, according to the Troopergate report that Todd Palin was in the governors office helping his wife run the state a lot of the time. What is that all about? I feel sorry for her daughter and future son-in-law. It is doubtful that either parent was around to supervise or instill love of education in these teenagers. Sad.
New news on The Keating Five scandal. It seems that after all the apologies from McCain, he was able to salve his hurt honor with the millions of dollars that his wife earned from the deals she kept with Keating. Oh well.