Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the saddest lie.....

I watched the debate. As always I thought Obama wasn't tough or mean enough. I am always wrong. 
The biggest lie that I have to hold McCain responsible for because it is a lie that cuts right to the heart of mothers and all families that are close. John McCain said that Sarah Palin is for funding for special needs. !!  What!?  Then why did she cut special needs in Alaska 62% ? Is that because it didn't affect her? These are the most self centered people I have ever seen. 
Yesterday I posted a video on the governor's mansion and the refurbishing that "Todd" did with his contractor friends. The prices were astronomical!  That money could have gone to special needs families.....and, yes, it was that much, ......... and they could have hired real contractors who charged real prices. Here is the video again. At first I thought the prices were a mistake....they are not.