Friday, October 3, 2008

the driveway to everywhere............

A quick comment on McCain and healthcare....If this video disappears it is because it seems that anything real about McCain is removed very quickly. Healthcare.
...........and a charming view of newt talking about Sarah.

I could not begin to take the debate apart. There are too many moments where Sarah Palin made comments that spoke to her complete lack of knowledge on every single issue. To make it worse she now says that Katie Couric annoyed her last week during the CBS interview!  She (Palin),  of the shrill and shriek. 

I will quote from  ...........

"She does not know what "achilles heel" means. Watch it. She. Does. Not. Know. What. It. Means.
Forget the tight stripper skirt, forget the metallic eyeshadow inappropriate for anyone over the age of 40, forget the cloying sitcom delivery, the lies, the cruel and calculated needling of Biden by calling his college professor wife a "school teacher" and saying "she'll get her reward in heaven" (to a man whose first wife died in a car accident) -- she's an idiot.
I cannot believe that we are seriously thinking of placing this dodo bird within reach of the Presidency."
    Jane Hamsher ....from